First Steps with Cydia Jailbreak Store

While the App Store might provide all the apps users seek, the jailbreak alternative is far more used for downloading and installing the best apps and tweaks. Cydia download store is the place where people go and search for various Cydia apps and tweaks, apps that normally cost a lot of money on Apple’s App Store.

For this reason, most people choose to start jailbreak on their devices as soon as possible. Jailbreaking is another matter, which requires some alternative research. Basically, is the process through which users remove all security boundaries and limitations, and they are able to make use of their iOS devices at their maximum capacity.

cydiaAfter jailbreak, each and every iOS-running device might be enhanced and improved by downloading some of the best and useful Cydia apps. Now, in what concerns Cydia download Store, this amazing third-party jailbreak store will come right after the jailbreak process is completed. Cydia is a reliable part of jailbreaking and only through jailbreak you can have Cydia installed on your device.

Now, once you see the Cydia icon on your home screen, feel free to tap it and launch the platform. At the first use of this jailbreak store, you will be required to provide some information.

Launching Cydia for the First Time

When you first launch Cydia, you will not be able to access the complete app. The app will reveal a gray screen with a loading wheel stating “Initializing Filesystem”. Normally, this takes a couple of minutes. Just wait for Cydia to complete this process. When this ends, Cydia download Store will quit automatically and restart your springboard.

Next, Cydia will ask you to identify what kind of users you are. Unless you want to upload your own Cydia apps, you should choose the “User” option. This will ensure that Cydia will display only the basic Cydia tweaks and apps.

Click Here to Download and Install Cydia

Once in a while, as well as the first time when you open Cydia, you might see a popup window asking you to Upgrade Packages. Just tap on Complete Upgrade to update some of Cydia’s components. Next, Confirm on the top right in order to begin the update. Wait a couple of minutes as Cydia downloads and installs the upgrades, and press on the Restart Springboard button.

Navigating Through Cydia Download Store

At the first use, you may see a small button on the home screen called “Make my life easier”. This option will allow you to save SHSH blobs from your device so that you will always be able to jailbreak again if you update your device or you lose the current jailbreak status. Now, in order to better understand Cydia download store, let me just present you some of the options you get with this amazing jailbreak app store.

The first tab, the Home tab, displays some of the most important and downloaded Cydia apps, tweaks, and themes. In the same time, there, you can find some useful links, tips, and guides regarding the jailbreak status.

cydia sectionsSecond, in the Sections tab, you can find all those apps displayed in Categories as you see on Apple’s App Store in the “Categories” tab. This section is useful when you want to download a particular app, but you do not know the name.

Changes tab displays the newest apps in a chronological list. This will also reveal the latest updates to any of your installed apps, as well as new added Cydia apps and tweaks.

Cydia’s Manage tab brings you the possibility to access 3 main buttons: Packages, Sources, and Storage. The first one contains all of your currently installed packages and it will allow you to uninstall any app you want. The second section brings the sources for each app. Besides the default Cydia repos, you can easily add new ones, and this is the place where you need to be. As far as the last button is concerned, this simply displays the available space on your device.

In the last part, the Search box allows you to quickly find certain Cydia apps that you want to install. Just type down the name and then click on the desired application. This will trigger the installation process.

Cydia download store can turn out to be quite useful especially for those of you who want to enhance and improve their devices. Sometimes, here you can find some useful Cydia apps and tweaks, apps that might not be found within Apple’s App Store. In the same time, most of the Cydia apps and tweaks you find on this third-party app store are free of charge. You get to download some great apps, tweaks, games, themes, and extensions completely free.

If you are interested in getting Cydia Download Store on your jailbroken iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, just press the Install button from bellow. This will grant you a different experience from what you were used to from the Apple’s app store.


Best iPad Apps for iOS 7 Devices

The new iOS 7’s new interface and flat designed has convinced app developers to follow the Apple’s lead. In this respect, all apps were prepared and updated in order to offer iOS 7 compatibility. Besides this, developers tried to make their apps look and behave like the new iOS 7. As you know, most of the apps available at the Apple’s App store are mostly designed for the iPhone.

However, the iPad is one of the favorite gadgets offered by the Cupertino-company, mostly since it can turn out to be pretty useful for many tasks. The reason why this happens is that it can be powered and enhanced by installing multiple apps and tweaks, especially if you decide to jailbreak it and use the third-party jailbreak store.

Since there are thousands of apps available for download, it is hard to get the ones that really are worth to be downloaded. In this respect, feel free to check out list of best iPad apps for iOS 7, as well as to browse for new ones. I am sure that you will be convinced, but their usefulness once you download and install them on your device.

Best iPad apps for iOS 7


I started my list with Evernote since I personally consider this being one of the best apps for iPad as well as for the iPhone. The Evernote has recently been updated for iOS 7, bringing multiple built-in features and functionality, as well as some amazing options. Now, the application also brings the AirDrop utility, which allows users to quick share notes with other users who enabled the AirDrop feature.

Moreover, Evernote displays an ever-present button for drafting notes, a Post-it Note capturer, as well as many image annotation tools and an automatic background syncing. With Evernote, you can easily save your important ideas, tasks, and chores, while enjoying a clean and simple interface.


Another app that cannot be left aside form out best iPad apps for iOS 7 is the ControlTask. Basically, it is a multitasking app which brings increased functionality and performance on our devices. With the help of ControlTask, working on your iPad will be much easier since the app switch and closing will be quicker than before.

ControlTask will render your iPad experience much smoother since you can quickly stop and app or switch in between various ones. A simple tap on the app you want to open, it will lead you to it. In the same time, when you want to close an app, just slide on it and it will be closed.


I am sure that most of you want to keep their devices private. If you are one of those persons concerned about the personal intimacy, and you want something that will provide this to you, then you definitely need iAppLock. As the name might suggest, the application allows you to password protect individual apps or folders such as messages, photos, or videos.

iAppLock is one of the must-have free iPad apps, being compatible with iPhone and iPod Touch, as well. In the same time, it is quite simple to be used, since you only assign a password, which will be used to accessing the designed folders and apps.

Adobe Photoshop Touch

In this Photoshop-ruled world, I am sure that the idea of having this amazing photo-editing program on your iPad is more than appealing. It has been available for the iPad for a while, but the Adobe decided to prepare their famous application in order to work on the iOS 7. If you are looking to change your photos completely by adding new effects and options, feel free to download and try out the Adobe Photoshop Touch right on your iPad.

The iPad can turn out to be a pretty useful gadget, especially if it is powered by some of the best iPad apps available at this moment. With the new iOS 7 released half a year ago, mostly all apps were already updated to work and support Apple’s latest firmware, therefore, you will not find any problems in downloading your favorite iPad apps on your iOS 7-running iPad. Feel free to leave a comment bellow if you have some other interesting apps to share with others.


Best Free iPhone Apps for iOS 7

With the iOS 7 released back in October, users received a completely new interface, with new options and new possibilities. However, the most important part of the iOS 7 was in December, when the iOS 7 jailbreak appeared on the radar. Having a relatively quick release, the iOS 7 jailbreak surprised both developers as well as worldwide users.

The overall change of the iOS 7 encouraged iOS developers out here to rethink and change their applications in order to fit the flat new interface. In this way, they were somehow forced to redesign their user interfaces and make their apps more user-friendly. Soon, one by one, all iOS apps were updated and prepared to face Apple’s latest firmware version.

Best iPhone apps for iOS 7

Within this article, I want to show you a couple of use iPhone apps for iOS 7 devices. In order to be able to take advantage of your iPhone through the best iPhone apps, you need to be up to date with what is new and which of the new apps are proffered and why. Since most of you prefer to choose a free app instead of a paid one, all of the following apps are free of charge. Keep in mind that all these apps are to be found within Apple’s App Store and you do not need to jailbreak in order to get them.



In case you enjoy doing exercises and keeping a clear track of your food, there is no need to spend almost $100 on a fitness tracker when your iPhone is right on your pocket. I know that such as application does not offer the exact features a fitness-tracker does, it is still pretty useful and helpful.

Now, with its iOS 7 compatibility, Argus has a newly designed interface, revealing the flat aesthetics of the iOS 7 while offering a bunch o attractive features and options. Notably, the application makes the most use of the iPhone S5 M7 motion coprocessor, while using the processor less. It keeps track of your sleep, hydration, food consumption, workouts, vitals and more.


Shake is a relatively new app that offers a clean, flat interface. In fact, Shake is a mobile app that allows you to create, sign, and send a variety of legally binding agreement in just a few seconds. It provides a variety of documents to choose from. Therefore, when you need to make someone sign something, you will definitely have Shake installed on your iPhone.


AroundMe is quite a useful app for all iPhone owners. These days, when our lives are quite busy, I am sure that an app such as AroundMe is will definitely do the trick. If you want to know if there is an ATM nearby, a bar where you can spend your time or a restaurant to eat a nice dinner with your family, I am sure that you will enjoy this amazing app. It provides you an interactive map of location that fit your criteria. The application offers a simplified new UI, and it is quite amazing for browsing using Google Maps.


This amazing application received a completely new facelift in order to resemble with the new colorful interface of the iOS 7. However, in the same time, aside for the new UI, the application brings a couple of new features. The read-it-later app syncs with the background, even when it is closed.

In the same time, the new improved application offers a better reading experience with auto-full screen reading, new fonts and a speedier performance. As you can see, Pocket can be regarded as one of the best read-it-later apps and with the new iOS 7 improvements, it offers a clean insight through all the articles, pictures, videos and webpages you save.


Evernote is actually an interesting application for those of you who want to keep a track of what you have to do in a short period of time. The application, recently revamped for the iOS 7 features a built-in functionality with some amazing options and features.

Moreover, now, the application brings AirDrop utility, allowing users to quick share notes with other users who use enabled the AirDrop. In the same time, there you will find an ever-present button for drafting notes, a Post-it Note capturer, as well as various image annotation tools and automatic background syncing.

These were some of the most downloaded and best iPhone apps for the iOS 7. You will definitely make the most out of your iPhone if you choose to install these amazing apps. I am sure that you will find plenty other interesting apps when you browse the Apple’s App Store.


3 Great Installous Alternatives To Use

I am sure that most of you heard about Installous. However, in case you do not know, allow you to say a few words about this amazing option. Installous is a jailbroken iOS application developed by docmorelli. The application allows users to download, install, and share as well as to update cracked apps in an organized manner. It was available on Cydia and users needed a jailbroken device in order to install it and use it.

I said that it was available on Cydia, because now, the Hackulous team has announced that their famous program has reached an end. Now, users are no longer able to use the famous platform to download the best apps and tweaks free of charge. As some of you already know, Installous offered us a convenient and safe method to download the best Cydia apps.

However, now, with Installous gone, I want to show you some great Installous alternatives you can use in order to achieve the same advantages. As a matter of fact, within this article, I want to mention only three alternatives, but do not worry because there are tons of other similar options available for you to use. Installous alternatives for iOS 7 jailbreak


The first Installous alternative, vShare, has managed its way among jailbreakers only recently, and it still needs some more time for people to get used to it. However, its popularity is increasing day by day, since more and more users choose to download it. I am sure that it will soon become quite indispensable for most of you. However, before you decide to use this alternative, you need to know what it offers you. For instance, the program brings plenty of cracked IPA files that can easily be downloaded through direct links.

As you may imagine, this will definitely decrease the time you usually spend downloading and installing apps. As you can see, vShare can turn out to be pretty useful. However, it is worth mentioning the fact along with its benefits, there comes a big disadvantage, at least for most of you. The main interface is mainly in Chinese, which can be quite annoying for most people. You can find vShare within Cydia Store and you can download it for free.


The second Installous alternative I want to mention is the AppCake. This useful app can be used to download cracked apps and tweaks. It is rather old, but is has become one of the best Cydia apps in what concerns the cracked apps. Here are some of the benefits that AppCake is offering you. For starters, it is highly stable and accessible while offering some of the most downloaded Cydia apps and tweaks.

In the same time, its interface is similar to the one at vShare, with the main difference that the AppCake is in English. Moreover, the platform is clean and clear and its displays all apps arranged in categories or by the level of popularity. This will render a quick and efficient browsing. It is worth mentioning the fact that the AppCake platform needs AppSync in order to run. Therefore, first you download AppSync and then, you download AppCake.


The last third-party application that I want to add to my list is the iFunBox. This Installous alternative allows you to browse, transfer, or manage files from your device to a desktop computer. In this way, you can communicate with the rest of your devices pretty easy. In the same time, the good thing with iFunBox is that it offers support for all the iOS 6 and iOS 7 devices.

In what concerns that interface, you have nothing to worry about. IFunBox is actually pretty simple and easy; it displays a clear interface where you can manage your downloaded apps and tweaks as well as your personal files such as photos, music, or videos. As you can see, with iFunBox, you get a useful Installous alternative for downloading cracked apps, but, in the same time, you will get a general file manager.

I am sure that you all miss Installous, since you got used to its interface. However, the world had not ended when Hackulous decided to stop offering us this amazing program for downloading cracked app. Now, we have many other useful alternatives to achieve the same benefits and advantages on our iOS 7 jailbreak devices.


Best Cydia Tweaks for iOS 7 Jailbreak

The iOS 7 jailbreak was quite a surprise for most people, since nobody expected it so soon, but every iOS user was happy. The iOS 7 jailbreak brings us support for customizing and changing our iOS 7 devices in the best way possible with many useful Cydia tweaks and apps.

However, since the iOS 7 jailbreak came out of the nowhere, most developers have not got the chance of updating their applications and tweaks, a process that required some time. Soon, one by one, all Cydia apps and tweaks were updated and prepared to work on iOS 7 devices. In the same time, many other useful ones appeared within Cydia download store.

Within this article, I want to show you some of the best Cydia tweaks you can download and install on your iOS 7 iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. However, in order to have access to a wide variety of jailbreak apps and tweaks, you will have to jailbreak your device to get Cydia download Store. In some cases, there will be a need for you to add alternative Cydia sources to increase your chances.

Best Cydia Tweaks for iOS 7 Jailbreak


I decided to start my top Cydia tweaks list with iFile since it has proved its usefulness. This tweak is actually old, but it has been updated for iOS 7. For those of you who do not know, iFile is a file browser and management app that gives you access to every file on your iOS-running device. Having this Cydia tweak installed, you will be able to copy, paste, and move files around, edit text files, import files onto your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch, as well as to add new files. Basically, iFile gives you access to almost any file in your device. In case you are interested in download this amazing and useful tweaks, head over to Cydia and download the trial version.


SwitchSpring is a must have. The new app switcher in iOS 7 has been considered to be rather complicated since now, it is difficult to bulk quit apps. When you want to quit all your apps at once, this amazing tweak will make it possible. The tweak ties the quitting action to swiping up on the home screen when you are in the app switcher. Actually, when you do that, you will have the possibility to restart your device or to quit all apps at the same time. In the same time, this Cydia tweak is free for download.

Assistant Unrestrictor

As some of you might already experience, once in a while Siri’s servers shut down and when this happens, the virtual assistant stops working. If you want to avoid this thing from happening, you need to install the Assistant Unrestrictor tweak. This tweak routes Siri over to Voice Control when it is unavailable, so you can still do a couple of minor things such as changing the music, play albums, or make a phone call.

Mail Enhancer Pro

This is one of the power and comprehensive add-ons for the default mail app. As a matter of fact, Mail Enhancer Pro is now fully compatible with the iOS 7 and it brings multiple new features. For instance, users will get Multiple Signatures for each mail account, HTML usage for mail composing, rules for incoming emails such as mark read/flagged, notifications, move to mailbox or delete, custom notifications with vibrations, show/hide popup, or even custom volume for mail notifications.


For the last tweak of my list, I want to mention the TetherMe application. This is quite useful since it allows you to turn your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch into a personal hotspot so you can share your cell phone’s internet connection with a computer or another device. Once you install TetherMe, you will be able to enable tethering regardless of whether you pay for the feature through your carrier. However, if you want to install TetherMe, you will have to pay $4.99.

As you can see, Cydia download store provides a multitude of useful tweaks and apps for your iOS 7-based iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. Feel free to browse throughout Cydia store to find many other interesting Cydia tweaks for your own needs and requirements. Customize your device and enhance its performance while downloading some of the best Cydia apps and tweaks.


Top Useful Cydia Sources in 2014

Cydia is a vast source for tweaks, apps, themes, as well as other jailbreak features and options. In order to make the best out of its benefits, you first need to learn how Cydia download store actually works. However, before, keep in mind the fact that Cydia is an alternative App Store that comes right after jailbreak.

This jailbreak store is actually an impressive platform and host for thousands of apps and tweaks, which help users to customize their devices, to change various aspects as well as to add plenty of new features. Cydia is based on sources, also called repositories. At first, when Cydia is first installed on the iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch, it comes with several default repos. For most people, in fact, for people who want to stick to the basics, this might seem enough.

However, in order to truly experience the diverse array of content, you have to manually search and add new sources all the time. As you may imagine, jailbreak developers are in a constant run and they always develop and create new sources with new Cydia apps and tweaks. If you are searching for new and useful Cydia repos to add to your device, you have landed on the right place.

Cydia Sources for iOS 7 Jailbreak

For the benefit of those who are rather unfamiliar with the process of adding a new repo, the whole process is actually pretty simple. First of all, launch Cydia, go over to the Manage section, and then navigate through Sources > Edit > Add. After, type down the address and wait a couple of minutes for Cydia to initialize the packages. This is all. Repeat the process for each source you want to add.

As I mentioned earlier, there are a couple of default Cydia repos such as BigBoss repo or Modmyi repo, which came along with the first launch of Cydia. However, if you want something else, feel free to add the following 5 Cydia repos to your list.


This particular Cydia repo has been here for a while. It is actually pretty old and it has developed an impressive amount of useful Cydia apps and tweaks. In fact, BiteYourApple is an Italian repo, which managed to gather plenty of followers and users through its list of apps and tweaks. Within this repo, users are able to download many ringtones, interesting tweaks such as the famous Dreamboard, Infini series or Graviboard, as well as many other mods and games. Just add the URL within Cydia.

SiNful iPhone

SiNful iPhone ( has become a powerful source since it has developers a strong connection with its users through its forums and support pages. In the same time, back to its main goal, this repo provides great amazing Cydia apps, tweaks, themes, wallpapers, ringtones, and even cracked apps. It is a home for the famous Springtomize 2, Zephyr, or Multifl0w apps.


Insanelyi repo with the URL address includes 6,500 packages and their number continues to rise. Moreover, its members have already written more than 60 scripts for this repo. It also offers useful Apple TV tweaks which are found nowhere else as well as plenty other interesting Cydia apps and tweaks.


This repo is actually new. Developed by the Evad3rs team, StatusBarFix2 is nice and easy and it brings the opportunity to jailbreak our beloved iOS devices with a noob-proof Evasi0n utility. In the same time, while various users complained about the fact that the status bar was acting wrong, people at repo solved this problem regarding the StatusBarFix2. This can prove to be a useful source especially since iOS issues and bug may appear the next day.

Ryan Petrich

The last source I want to mention is the Ryan Petrich repo. He is unarguably the most consistent and active developer at this time, especially for the iOS 7 jailbreak. As you may imagine, the repo as well as the developer are actually quite new in the jailbreak community, at least from a global point of view, but his tweaks are always useful and interactive. Within this source, you can find intelligent Cydia tweaks such as Activator, BrowserChooser, or DisplayRecorder. Moreover, if you add the source, you will be the first one to know which iOS 7 jailbreak tweaks the developer plans to launch.

You can add any source you want, of you can add them all in order to have multiple shots of finding the app or tweak you want. After all, Cydia download store is more powerful when you have a bigger number of repos to browse through.